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Magnus' Journal
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Date:2003-01-02 06:44
Subject:i love the smell of napalm in the morning...

good morning vietnam.

aw hell, and america while im at it. we had a war movie marathon lastnight, that was zacs choice, next week i get to pick the theme. you know theres alot of digital watches in saving private ryan?

this is my first journal entry for 2003. this might be a more momentus occasion if i had more than 3 entries in 2002.

now backtracking...whats happened since i last successfully logged in? christmas happened. i got a puppy! one fourth of you already know this. i called him max, because hes mad. and nick wanted to call him maxamillion. roomates should get a say in the matter i feel. hell be looking after him just as much as me, i feel. hah.

im a pretty lucky guy...i cant complain about anything i ever recieve. my friends always seem to know what i want, it amazes me because im not even sure what i want! someone else bought me bass strings, good thinking! i got some books and some cds too. all ones that i wanted...i dont think im really one to hint or beg but someone everyone knows. i feel special.

i didnt visit my family, this is the first time in quite a few years. no hard feelings, they said, they are proud of me and understand why i cannot make it they said.

score, i said. was that insensitive? you bet yer ass. tomorrow im driving walt to minnesota so on the way back im going to stop in and visit my mom, hand out some belated gifts. im not calling ahead either. if she knows im coming she'll make a big fuss and guilt me when i cant stay long, she'll clean the whole house and bake and clean out my old room and tell me i should stay the night, talk to my sister, be a part of the family again. it would be nothing but hassle and high blood pressure and disapointment.

but if i show up un announced she might just smile. no matter if im there for 5 minutes or a week. i like the way my mom works at times. if ive got time i might visit my dad. you have to call ahead there. its been along time, i dont know what the visiting hours are anymore.

new years happened to. this is the last time ill point out the obvious sorry. hah. we went out, saw a band, we tried to sit in the park until midnight but it was too cold. i talked to cheryn alot. shes beautiful and funny, just like every other woman ive dated, so i resolved to concentrate on more important things this year, and give my love life a rest. it hasnt really been that busy but it needs time to sort its self out.

time to hit the showers, another long day ahead of me. i think all i have to do is finish some items, once someone decides how they want it finished. otherwise its getting beeswaxed and i dont care when you cant stain it later because i want to knock off early and take max to the vet.

bye for now. may you all have a prosperous year.

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Date:2002-12-21 21:11
Subject:autonomous me
Mood: okay


i feel special. there's four people on my friends page and inbetween visits ive clocked up 2pages worth of friends entries yeah!
ive been reading through a few random user journals too. am i the only one who feels kind of dubious doing that? it feels like online big brother...but its human nature to derive pleasure from spying into peoples private lives. man we are sick.

i finished my xmas shopping today...last year i finished it in january. im proud. the malls are suicide. i wont be suprised if i see a report of someone being trampled to death either.

next year i will shop online. never underestimate the ability of a sales person to prey upon a typical clueless male. do i really look that lost? and/or gullible? fortunately (or not) i don't have a 'special someone' to shop for this year so i didn't end up spending more than i could afford on a bracelet or pair of earings that will 'take her breath away' and 'last aslong as our love'. 'love' with me lasts an average of two months.
fuck jewelery. relationships should come with a warranty...a money back guarantee. or atleast a warning...hidden costs and fine print explained thoroughly. what happened to good old fashioned honesty? in highschool a girl told me she wanted to have sex with me so she'd know what to do when she had sex with the boy she really liked and she wouldn't be embarrased. hell, i was being used but i didn't care.
nowadays i take offense to it, because i'm being lied to. if Miss X had told me she was married & just looking for a fling there'd be no hard feelings. ofcourse now im older and wiser and would not go in for it, these days. they have got my number.

i should be wrapping...merry xmas, livejournal, if i don't see you before then


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Date:2002-12-14 15:28
Subject:me again...
Mood: content

i've been playing with this for over an hour, i think i've decided on a livejournal style although it was a tossup. i might have to switch every week or so or just try each our for a while. see what floats my boat. see if i'm still here in a week.

I feel like i'm at a party with a friend of a friend, i'm in a room full of people i don't know and if somebody doesn't come over and befriend me soon i'm just going to leave. Yet something makes you stay. Like that cute blond in the corner...or the punch you'll get in the morning because you were designated driver and left your 'friends' stranded.

did your mom ever warn you about getting square eyes from staring at the screen for too long? i think i'm getting square eyes...in a manner of speaking.

bye for now,

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Date:2002-12-14 14:37
Subject:testing one two two two one two

yeah hi this entries sole purpose is to let me see what the various layouts look like. we'll be back with more after a word from our sponser.

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